Ferhan Hasani, the 27-year old midfielder and captain of Shkendija, has accepted to talk in exclusive with me for Tribal Football after the big 6-0 defeat against Milan in the first leg of their Europa League play-off tie. And the midfielder of the Macedonia national team has not hidden his big disappointment.

What are your thoughts on the match?

“It’s not easy to comment a 6-0 defeat. We arrived in San Siro feeling to be well prepared, then we’ve lost. Congratulations to Milan, but between our teams there are not six goals of difference,” said Hasani.

“They are a big club and maybe we have suffered for the pressure of a match against a club so big. But I’m sure we can do much better than this.”

How are your feelings about playing in a stadium like San Siro?

“Of course I have played many times before in big stadiums, with Shkendija, Wolfsburg and Macedonia, but San Siro is really special. But in this moment I am really disappointed.”

By the way this has been a very important moment for Macedonian football.

“Yes, in Macedonia we don’t have many chances to play against clubs so big even in friendly match. We are very proud to have represented Macedonia and to be supported by many fans. It has been a very nice moment to play against Milan for us.”

What about the second leg in Skopje?

“Of course we want to win. For us it will be really better to play in front of our fans and we will be able to do much better than this. This is football.”


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