Referee Clément Turpin will preside over the 24th Coupe de la Ligue final at the Matmut Atlantique on Saturday, March 31.

The Federal Commission of Referees and the FFF’s Technical Directorate for Refereeing have designated Clément Turpin to officiate the 24th Coupe de la Ligue final, between Paris Saint-Germain and As Monaco at the Matmut Atlantique on Saturday, March 31.

Turpin, an international referee, will be officiating in his first final in the competition. He will be assisted by Nicolas Danos and Cyril Gringore. Mikael Lesage will be the fourth official while Amaury Delerue will be the assistant referee for video with Nicolas Rainville as his auxiliary.

Video refereeing in the final

Video assistance for the referee – which has been used by French referees for the past 18 months – has been used from the quarter-finals onwards and will be available for use by the referee in this final.

The IFAB technique protocol is based on one simple principle: video footage is not used to determine whether the referee made the right call, but only to correct a decision that was clearly wrong in the first place. Thus video assistance can only be used in the following four cases:

1. After a goal is scored: has an infraction not seen by the referee (off-side, attacking foul, the ball leaving the field of play, etc.), which should invalidate the goal, clearly been committed?

2. Penalty: was the decision to accord or not accord a penalty clearly incorrect? (was there clearly a foul from the attacking side/ was the foul inside or outside the penalty area / had the ball left the field of play before the foul in question)

3. Red card: Did the foul committed clearly deserve a straight red card? (only straight red cards fall under the jurisdiction of video refereeing. A second yellow card does not qualify)

4. Mistaken identity: is the played who received the sanction (a red or yellow card) the same player who committed the foul?


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