Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker hopes for a repeat of their FA Cup final glory against Chelsea in Sunday’s Community Shield.                                                           The club captain was perhaps Arsenal’s best performer in their 2-1 win over Chelsea in May’s FA Cup Final, his first start of a season that had begun with a serious knee injury. “[The Final] was just one shot,” Mertesacker told the London Evening Standard. “No-one expected anything out of me. It was low key, quite easy.                                            “It was something I did for more than 14 years, just coming in and believing in my game. I know the trust of the player and the boss in me was huge that day.

“A lot of fans were surprised with the line-up we played [with Rob Holding and Nacho Monreal partnering Mertesacker in defence] but the way we played and the way we looked was good. But that’s easy, it’s just one game. I need to prepare so I can do that more regularly.”


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