Arsenal hero Alan Smith rates Chelsea signing Alvaro Morata ahead of Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku.

Smith admits defending the title will be hard for Chelsea but signing Morata instead of Lukaku has worked out well for them.

“They are the team to beat because they won it comfortably didn’t they,” Smith said on talkSPORT of Chelsea.

“There was a time a few weeks back where I thought it had seemed to have gone a bit quiet.

“With Diego Costa they relied so heavily on him to lead the line, (I thought) how are they going to replace him?

“Conte didn’t want him but in Morata I think they’ve bought well.

“I think it worked out well for them that they got him rather than Lukaku who may not suit Chelsea’s style quite as much.

“Can he get that 100 per cent out of his players or close to every week in the way that he did last year?

“It’s a tough ask, he’s going to have a few more challenges this season.”


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