Barcelona captain Lionel Messi believes Juventus are a bigger Champions League threat this season.

Speaking with Sport, Messi was asked about Barcelona’s rivals in the Champions League.

“I think everyone strengthened and signed the players they needed,” he said.

“I think Atletico have built a great team and made some very good signings. They seemed like the team who had weakened the most, but they ended up putting together a great and very balanced team, with many options.

“Real Madrid also signed very well. Beyond what’s been said, they kept their team together and brought in important players like Hazard.

“Juventus signed very well, City too… In general, I think everything’s tighter now and all the big teams are getting stronger.”

Messi was also asked about Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I have no problem with him. I’ve always said I have no problem with him. We weren’t friends because we hadn’t shared a dressing room.

“We’ve only ever seen each other at galas or award ceremonies. I have no problem with him.

“We talked the most at the last gala and we were closer. I don’t know if we’ll have dinner together because I don’t know if we will cross paths.

“Everyone has their own life and has their own commitments, but it wouldn’t be a problem.”


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