Bollywood star Esha Gupta apparently let slip the identity of Arsenal’s latest signing while taking part in an Instagram live event over the weekend.
Gupta, who is a huge Arsenal fan, was asked whether she had any insider information on the club’s transfer targets.
“I’m not sure if I should say the name,” she replied. “But we are signing another player and I’m sure the boss is gonna do well this time.”

Her response provoked mass speculation among the thousands of Gunners fans watching the live stream, which was abruptly cut off before the actress could continue.
Of course, the name of Thomas Lemar was instantly mentioned, with Gupta all but confirming that Arsenal have entered into negotiations for the Monaco winger in a subsequent newspaper interview.
“I’m a fan and get excited when great players are taken on,” Gupta said, according to the Times of India.
“Talks are on with Lemar and I hope he comes on board too. We need good players like him.”


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