Chelsea ace Willian admits Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho was no great fan of Radamel Falcao.

Speaking with ESPN Brasil, Willian recalled one game when Mourinho was in charge at Stamford Bridge.

“We were losing 2-0 and César Azpilicueta … Azpilicueta is a player who wants to show that he is strong. Sometimes when you get a push, you have to fall, don’t you? But he does not, because he wants to show that he is strong.

“In the 16m box the defender of the opponent came in too late. The defender hit Azpilicueta. If he falls, it is a penalty. But he did not fall and gave a bad pass. Mourinho on the bench: ‘F *** off, man . This is a penalty. F***ing dumb Azpi’.

“Radamel Falcao, me and Ramires entered the field and the game ended 2-2. At a counter, Falcao wrecked the attack by making a wrong move. I was no longer on the bench, but people on the side said to me that Mourinho said: ‘F ***, this guy is worthless and only knows how to ruin it!'”


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