Liverpool fans and many neutrals alike were disappointed to see Mohamed Salah’s participation in Saturday’s Champions League final cut short, particularly those back in the player’s home country.

Debate rages on as to whether the way Ramos tightly gripped the winger’s arm as he fell to the ground and rolled was a natural landing or not, although the Egyptian media were without doubt.

Newspaper Al Masry al Youm described how ‘Egyptians cried when the butcher Ramos dislocated Salah’s shoulder’.

Similarly, El Watan lamented the Madrid captain for ‘hitting Mo on purpose to get him out of the game’, adding ‘may God be in charge, Ramos’.

Meanwhile, many outlets chose to focus on his participation in the World Cup.

Following a tweet from the national team that stated their optimism in Salah reaching Russia, publication Al-Ahram spoke of ‘the relief across Egyptian streets’, El Watan expecting a three-week recovery period for the player.


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