In the Forbes list of the richest athletes in the world under the age of 25, Real Madrid playmaker James Rodriguez has come in at eight place.

The ranking is topped by Barcelona superstar Neymar, with an annual income of 32.55 million euros.

The US magazine Forbes claims that Rodriguez has an income of 19.25m euros, beating out other global stars such as Paul Pogba and Myles Garrett.

Under the terms of his Real contract, the Colombian earns near 7m euros per season, while he also has advertising endorsements with brands such as Huawei, Milo, Clear, Libertex, Bimbo and Rexona as well as being a global ambassador for Adidas.

Meanwhile, Neymar is the richest player with a contract worth 25m euros per season, alongside the rest of his income from sponsorships.


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