Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho explained his extended applause to the Stretford End after defeat at home to Tottenham on Monday.

The Portuguese says he was humbled by the response from the club’s supporters.

He said today: “In relation to me, I know the majority of the stadiums are used to the winning manager jumping around and going to the crowd and putting his face in front of the camera.

“With me that is not happening. Normally when I win I am the first to leave. But an important defeat at home, that is the way I am. I had to go to the pitch and see the reaction. The reaction could go both ways but it went a way where I felt really humbled and the team felt really supported.

“Probably because of that this week was a difficult week at all. It was a week where people were positive and convinced that we deserve much more than what we got on Monday.

“We know we have a very difficult match this weekend but people are positive.”


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