100 days with Paris Saint-Germain and already Neymar Junior has redefined France’s footballing landscape. Interview with the world’s most expensive player…

Seven goals in Ligue 1, six goals in five Champions League matches, the Brazilian is living up to his reputation. The Selecao captain sat down with The Ligue 1 Show on beIN SPORTS to look back at his first century in Rouge et Bleu

Neymar said: “The supporters gave me a great welcome, my presentation at the Parc des Princes was a very special moment. Everyone is really excited for me to move to Paris Saint-Germain! Now I know the club even better from the inside and I’m learning about its history. So many great Brazilians have played here. Rai, obviously, Ronaldinho, Nenê, Aloisio, Valdo, Ricardo, so many Brazilians have helped write the history of PSG, too many to name! They established the club in Brazil and everyone knows it today!

“Obviously I’m very grateful to the club for the confidence they’ve shown in me, in my football. Now I have to perform on the pitch, it’s the best way to repay that confidence. Of course I understand what it means to be the most expensive player of all time, but I don’t see that as added pressure. I don’t think about it and I don’t spend all day talking about it. It means nothing when you are out on the pitch. When that whistle blows, it’s just 11 versus 11 and everyone is the same.

“I love having responsibilities on the field. I never shirk away from that. It’s one of the reasons that I joined PSG. Throughout my career, I’ve always looked for more responsibilities, whether they’ve been self-imposed or given to me by the team. And I have always come out on top, always accepted them all. I know I’m very lucky, but I’m also very focused on my work and I’m a very hard worker.

“I play a very joyous football. I always try to maintain this happiness in my game, do something different. I like to try new things, dribble, invent new moves. I like to improvise. I’m always looking for freedom! On and off the pitch. I don’t like being put in a box, I don’t like boundaries. I like to move, play all over the pitch. My parents used to say I was hyperactive when I was younger and perhaps that explains why i play like this. Obviously I respect the coaches’ orders about my positioning, but I like to be allowed to improvise and create something special.

“I don’t like losing – ever! I’ve always been an ambitious person, but more than that, I’ve never been someone who accepts defeat easily. I do everything and anything I can to win the match.”


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