Michael Owen believes Manchester United should shun the temptation to spend big money on a striker, and instead hand the reigns to Marcus Rashford.
Speculation has been rife with talk of United spending up to £100 million pound on Atletico’s Antoine Griezmann, but the former United striker reckons it would be the wrong move.
Speaking after the Red Devils Europa League semi, Owen said: “Rashford is the main boy at the moment. Do Man United go and buy someone and almost stunt his growth in the team?
“Or do you say ‘you can have your head and you’re going to be Manchester United’s centre-forward for the long run’.
“Is he good enough to be that? I always believe if your Manchester United’s centre-forward, you have to be one of the three, four, five best strikers in the world. Is he that at the moment? Question.
“If you go and sign someone like Griezmann, you’re virtually stunting his growth.”


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