Pep Guardiola reckons he can become a “god” to Manchester City fans.

City finished 15 points behind Premier League winners Chelsea in third place.

It was the first time ex-Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager Guardiola had not won a trophy as a boss as his halo slipped.

But the 46-year vowed on Friday: “We will be better next season.

“I know always when you win you are a god and it’s good.”

He continued: “I was so happy in Manchester, being manager there and that’s why I will be so delighted to return on July 10 and start again. I still enjoyed it a lot last season.

“If you don’t win, during the process of 11 months together, you can still enjoy being with your staff and the players and imagining new games and new actions.

“Sometimes it happens that the opponents always play good and can beat us, but the beautiful thing is the process and being there to have fun.”



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