Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino admits he’s long admired Lille coach Marcelo Bielsa.

Pochettino views the veteran Argentine coach as a mentor.

He told Bein Sport: “I am always saying that he is a person in my life who has inspired me to follow a certain path: to have been a footballer and to have wanted to be a coach.”

Pochettino also declared former club Espanyol crucial in his career.

“Espanyol played a decisive role in my life. I have been very lucky because at certain times in my life I have met good people.”

The Spurs boss also spoke of the financial differences in the Premier League.

“Giants like United and City? The difference nowadays between clubs in the Premier League is that there are clubs, like City and United, which sign who they want and when they want and then there are big teams like us (in reference to Tottenham) who sign when we can. It’s the big difference nowadays.”


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