Real Sociedad winger Adnan Januzaj has taken fresh aim against his critics at Manchester United.

Januzaj’s attitude has been questioned as his career stalled.

But the winger has hit back at suggestions that he’s not been working hard enough.

“These are the people that don’t know anything about football,” he told the Independent. “I don’t care, I keep working hard.

“You can only go in one direction, and that is to shut those people up. Once you do it, they will look ridiculous.

“It will feel amazing, I will feel very good because those people were chatting sh*t about me.

“If anything, I’m even happier because it gives me more power.

“It gives me the feeling: I want to show these people that if they want to talk badly of me, I’ll show them.

“It’s a challenge for me, I don’t mind. They can say whatever, I know that it is not true.


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