After the ground breaking FA Cup final that gave Chelsea their second trophy in two consecutive seasons speculations on if the Italian coach would stay or leave. After winning the EPL last season, the chips were high on Chelsea to defend the trophy which didn’t get to happen thanks to the fantastic form of Man City, with mistakes in the earlier part of the season like playing Bakayoko against an in-form Fabregas which cost the team their place in the EPL. Part of the drastic drop in the season can be attributed to silly mistake made by Conte. The drop point for example against Leicester, Watford, Burnley are places they didn’t lose points last season which led to them ending this season with 33 points below the last seasons score point, they lost 4 times in the first half of the season (Burnley, Crystal Palace, Man City and West Ham). Entering the second half of the season they lost 8 games in the Premier League, they were knocked out of all the competitions – the Champions League and EFL by Barcelona and Arsenal respectively.

After spending 155.4m on transfers for the season, Conte coming back from their title winning campaign sold Diego Costa, who played an integral role in them winning the league last season AND Buying Morata from Real Madrid found who it hard to adapt to the EPL type of football and left most of the attacking to Eden Hazard who scored the winning penalty in the FA cup final. With a default strategy of players, the players became more and more frustrated. They gave up on themselves and thus gave up on the club and Conte’s tactics which got them through the first half.

Abrahamovic who has an history of letting coaches go easily when they under perform in a season and Conte not winning the league and also not qualifying for champions league next season made a dent to his CV as well as the clubs reputation of always making the champions league. This is Conte’s first FA Cup win on English soil. He has proven to be a good coach considering his reputation in Italy over time and hopefully the FA cup win will be enough for him to keep his job for just one more season to prove himself.


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