Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy says they’re in the process of “improving” the team this summer.

Levy, who signed a new, eight-year agreement with current sponsors AIA, explained that obstacles to investing in the team have now been cleared.

“We’ve now met the priority of building the stadium and our training facilities and now it’s to continue to find ways to not only improve the commercial aspects of the club but also the football and continue to be a success,” he said in a rare press conference to announce the deal.

Levy added that he did not feel external heat to match the spending of some of Spurs’ rivals given their financial upturn.

“If I’m honest, we don’t feel the pressure,” he said.

“Our view is wherever we can we will improve the team. We have embarked in recent years on two very major capital projects, which I think in the long term will be of great benefit to the club.

“We will continue wherever we can to improve the team.”


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